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Come and enjoy this extreme canopy tour at Veranos located aproximately 55 kms. Southeast of Mazatlán. The tour consists of 12 zip lines with heights up to 120 yards where you will experience adrenaline pulsing through your veins.

$ 90 USD Adult
$ 90 USD Children
$ 25 USD Passenger
Whitout zip line cove

We begin with a nice ride through the countryside making a short stop in a little bakery where you can get the best turnovers of the region. Continuing our tour you will enjoy pretty landscapes before making the second stop at El Recodo Village. Here you will have the opportunity to visit the local artisan houses where they make leather crafts (belts, sandals, saddle, etc.), town square and the museum-house of the master of the Banda music in México. After this stop the tour continues to thetown of Veranos where you will have the amazing experience of ziplining.



Enjoy some mexican snacks and a complementary after finishing your zip line tour

Zip Line
131 Feet
3.2 Yards
229 Feet
10.9 Yards
360 Feet
54 Yards
422 Feet
82 Yards
787 Feet
109 Yards
820 Feet
87 Yards
918 Feet
120 Yards
393 Feet
82 Yards
590 Feet
92 Yards
623 Feet
82 Yards
721 Feet
103 Yards
12 (side - By - side)
721 Feet
103 Yards

What to bring: Comfortable shoes, insect repellent, a camera with a strap and extra money for souvenirs.
Restrictions: Children under 6, pregnant women, intoxicated individuals, people with heart conditions, chronic back pain or shoulder problems and those unable to walk up stairs.
Weight limit 250 Ibs.


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